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Inventions Like Pythagoras

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

The Pythagorean cup, also known as a Pythagoras cup or a Greedy Cup, is a drinking vessel with a small hole near the bottom. The cup is named after the ancient Greek mathematician Pythagoras, who is said to have invented it as a lesson in self-control. The cup is designed so that if it is filled past a certain point, the liquid will begin to drain out of the hole, preventing the user from overfilling the cup and drinking too much. This invention is a physical representation of the mathematical concept of the golden mean and the idea of moderation in all things.

other inventions like the Pythagorean cup:

There are several other inventions that share similarities with the Pythagorean cup, in that they are designed to encourage moderation or self-control in some way. Some examples include:

  • The "hourglass" wine decanter, has a narrow neck and a bulbous bottom. The wine is poured into the bottom bulb and then flows through the narrow neck, slowing its flow and allowing the wine to aerate. This allows the user to pour and drink wine in a more measured and controlled manner.

  • The "Breathalyzer" beer glass, has a built-in breathalyzer that tests the user's blood alcohol level before allowing them to continue drinking. This is intended to prevent excessive drinking and promote responsible consumption.

  • The "Sip" Smart cup, which tracks the amount of liquid consumption and reminds users to drink water, it also has a feature to set a daily goal for consumption.

These inventions, like the Pythagorean cup, are all designed to promote moderation and self-control in different ways.

Greek inventions
Greek Inventions

what are the differences with the Pythagoras cup?

The main difference between the Pythagorean cup and other inventions like it is the specific mechanism used to encourage moderation. The Pythagorean cup uses a small hole near the bottom of the cup to prevent overfilling, while the other inventions use different mechanisms.

  • The "hourglass" wine decanter uses the shape of the decanter to slow the flow of wine and promote more measured drinking.

  • The "Breathalyser" beer glass uses a built-in breathalyzer to test the user's blood alcohol level and prevent excessive drinking.

  • The "Sip" Smart cup uses technology to track the amount of liquid consumed and remind the user to drink water, also set a daily goal.

Additionally, the Pythagorean cup is specifically associated with the teachings of Pythagoras and the concept of the golden mean, while the other inventions have different inspirations and purposes.


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