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What is a Pythagorean Cup?

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

What is a Pythagorean Cup?

The Pythagorean cup or (Pythagoras cup, Greedy cup, Cup of Justice) is a drinking cup made from the Famous Greek Pythagoras.

This cup has a mechanism that can control measures of a drink. A Pythagorean cup looks like a normal drinking cup, except that the bowl has a central column in it. The central column of the bowl is positioned directly over the stem of the cup and over a hole at the bottom of the stem. A small open pipe runs from this hole almost to the top of the central column, where there is an open chamber. The chamber is connected by a second pipe to the bottom of the central column, where a hole in the column exposes the pipe to (the contents of) the bowl of the cup.

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